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It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down. It's the pebble in your shoe.

How To : Build Your Own LEGO Christmas Ornaments

How To : Build Your Own LEGO Christmas Ornaments

Screw tensile and making popcorn string thingies. I’m making these this Christmas.

The Way Out West

The Way Out West

Well… Technically I took this picture facing north, but I was still further west than St. Louis.  I just got back from Woodward, OK were my family gathers every year for the week of Thanksgiving.  Minus the drive, it was a really nice break from the day-to-day routine at home.  It was great to see family and get to catch up with everyone.  It was also my aunt and uncles first time to see Viv.

This picture is taken about 5 miles north of our property. (we say property cause it’s in the sticks)  This windmills are so big that we can actually see them from the house.  There are about 50 of these on the windmill farm.  Just west of town there is another windmill farm that has another 50 or so.  Not to go all tree hugger on you, but it’s nice to see Oklahoma capturing that wind that comes sweeping down the plains.

iOS 7 Long Shadow Redesign

iOS 7 Long Shadow RedesignI may be one of the few people that likes the iOS 7 design, but this is pretty sweet.

Field Notes Colors: “Drink Local” Edition

Field Notes Colors: “Drink Local” Edition

Today is a good day.  Why you ask?  Well… that’s because Field Notes announced their “Drink Local” edition.  It’s the 20th color edition and what better way to kick off Fall than with beautiful colors representing six different beers. (and Fall)

For the beer lover:

There are two 3-Pack versions available: ALES and LAGERS, limited to 10,000 3-Packs each. ALES features STOUT (dark brown-black), AMBER ALE (warm red), and INDIA PALE ALE (rusty orange). LAGERS features PILSNER (gold), BOCK (brown), and PALE LAGER (pale yellow). Each three pack comes bound in a chipboard belly band with a matching (ALES or LAGERS) 3.5″-diameter, 2-color, pub-style coaster, lovingly letterpress-printed in Chicago by our new pal Liz Isakson-Dado on a vintage press.

For the design/print/paper lover:

The new FNC-20 “Drink Local” books feature heavyweight New Page Sterling Premium 120# covers with a “soft touch” varnish, giving them a soft, almost rubbery feel. The logo is varnished with a contrasting gloss, and each book is colored to represent a different brew, with a brief history of each style of beer on the back cover. Inside is our acclaimed Finch Opaque Smooth 50# text paper, with a “Hefeweizen” yellow-orange graph grid. It’s all bound together with bright gold staples.

I’m a bit of a Field Nut and super excited about this release because I’m also a beer geek.  My subscription hasn’t made it yet but I hope to pick a couple of these bad boys up from Brian at East+West.  For those of you not in St. Louis, head over to the Field Notes website and get your set today.  


We just got trolled by Shark Week

We just got trolled by Shark Week

I look forward to Shark Week on the Discovery channel for 50 weeks out of the year. It would be 52 but one is set aside for actually watching Shark Week and the other is the week I’m on vacation at the beach and I hate myself for just watching it.

Anyway, did anyone else catch that disclaimer at the end of Megalodon? Probably not because it went by so fast and if you had a DVR, it was conveniently placed under where the controls pop up. It just so happens that I spent 5 minutes trying to catch it to share with you. Below is the text from the disclaimer.

None of the institutions or agencies that appear in the film are affiliated with it in any way, nor have approved its contents.  Though certain events and characters in the film have been dramatized, sightings of “submarine” continue to this day.  Megalodon was a real shark.  Legends of giant sharks persist all of the world.  There is still debate about what they may be.

Way to go Discovery Channel.  You’re supposed to be educational and now I don’t know what to believe.  I guess that makes a little more sense why so many of the images looked like CGI.  I really hope you don’t ruin the rest of Shark Week.

However, I guess I can say I was entertained by the mockumentery.  Now bring on the real shark stuff.

Happy Shark Week!

With age, you get to a place where you don't want to knock people out. You just want to give people a hug.

the Head and the Heart

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Spotify introduced their new Discovery service and boy has it delivered. Tonight I received the email of bands/artists I might like and since I like Freelance Whales, Spotify recommended the Head and the Heart. They are an indie folk band from Seattle that came together in 2009. I have to admit, I’m a bit bummed I just found out about them. This is their song “Lost in my Mind“. It’s another one that I don’t mind having on repeat.

Thanks Spotify, keep’em coming!

Listen to more from the Head and the Heart...

13 Hot Startups With Inspired Office Design

13 Hot Startups With Inspired Office Design
We’re just two weeks away from getting our new office. Super excited!