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Lindsey Sterling

I’ve always had a thing for violins and cellos so whenever I stumbled on Lindsey Sterling’s music I was an instant fan.  She has this crazy mix of classical violinist meets hip-hop and dubstep.  If you’ve got a second I highly recommend that you give it a listen.

Last week her new album Shatter Me was released and it picked up right where her self titled album left off.  Lindsey has also featured in quite a few other artist’s works as well.  I personally love her version of Thrift Shop with Tyler Ward.  Anyway, check her out!

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the Head and the Heart

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Spotify introduced their new Discovery service and boy has it delivered. Tonight I received the email of bands/artists I might like and since I like Freelance Whales, Spotify recommended the Head and the Heart. They are an indie folk band from Seattle that came together in 2009. I have to admit, I’m a bit bummed I just found out about them. This is their song “Lost in my Mind“. It’s another one that I don’t mind having on repeat.

Thanks Spotify, keep’em coming!

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Florida Georgia Line Featuring Nelly

Country definitely isn’t my go to when it comes to music but I’ve got to admit, this song is a bit of a guilty pleasure right now. I should also say this isn’t the original version of Cruise, its a remix featuring Nelly. So that makes it not country, right?

Anyway, if you want to get your bona fide country fix make sure to check out more from Florida Georgia Line.

Freelance Whales

Recently I’ve been on a search for some new music that’s pretty chill. I can’t remember how the dots connected but at some point last week I came across Freelance Whales. They are a hand clapping indie pop band from New York City and they hit the spot. Their folky inspired sound mixed with their eclectic selection of instruments make for a relaxing, head bobbing listen. Don’t be surprised if you occasionally catch yourself drumming along.

The song above is called Generator ^ First Floor from Weathervanes and is currently my favorite from the band.

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The first time I was introduced to AWOLNATION was about a year ago.  I was driving to work and listening to Woody & Rizz on 105.7 The Point, a local St. Louis radio station.  It was kind of an interesting way that they introduced the upcoming song.  It was one of those you’re either going to love it or hate it kinda things.  The song they introduced was Sail and needless to say I loved it.  Since then AWOLNATION has in some form or another made it into most of my playlists.

The song above is called Not Your Fault from Megalithic Symphony and is currently my favorite from the band.

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I’m always on the hunt for new music and today I was introduced to a treat.  Mucho kudos to Brent for passing this one along.

The band’s name is technically the delta sign (∆), but it’s pronounced “alt-J” because you hold down the alt key and press ‘J’ to get the symbol.  How’s that for some geek knowledge?  Anyway, right now I’m really into the tracks “Breezeblocks” and “Fitzpleasure”.  I would love to hear what you think of the band so drop me a line.

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