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My New Pen: Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen

My New Pen: Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen

OK, I think I can finally admit that I have a pen obsession.  The latest one I’ve added to my collection is the Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen with a fine nib.  This pen is perfect for carrying in your pants pocket and with the way it screws closed you don’t have to worry about getting a pocket full of ink.

I have to give Mike Dudek a shout out for pushing me over the edge on this one.  I’m definitely not disappointed.  It has also been upgraded to an EDC right along with my Tactile Turn Mover.

When I purchased the pen it had a medium nib, but I was able to pick up a fine nib at jetpens.com. Typically the Kaweco Sport line is a cartridge fill so I also picked up a converter.  Right now I have it inked up with Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi which has a nice deep charcoal look to it.

So far I absolutely love this thing and its size makes it easily portable so I’ll probably have it on me most of the time.  If you have any questions about it or see me out and about and want to try it just let me know.  Happy writing!