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Night’s Sky Over Lake Windsor

Night’s Sky Over Lake Windsor

I’m visiting my grandparents this weekend in Bella Vista, Arkansas and I’ve been really excited about working on my new hobby, astrophotography.  They live on Lake Windsor and with the fall colors in full swing and a clear moonlit night, I figured this is probably the best chance I’ve got.  So I asked my dad who also came to visit if he wanted to head down to the lake with me to take some pictures.  Since it is in the 30s outside we bundled up and headed down.  It was incredibly clear.  In fact, once we got out on the dock we didn’t even need our flashlights anymore.  These are some of the shots we got.  Hope you like them, and if you’re a pro go easy on me.  I’m still learning.

Camera – Canon S95

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  1. Why yes… yes it is! I’m not sure how you could decipher that, but then again after yo&218u#7;re last post, I would venture to say that you have a knack for those types of things.

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