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Relay FM Launches. The guys are back!

Relay FM Launches. The guys are back!

Today marks the launch of Relay FM, an independent podcast network co-founded by Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett. So why is this important?

Because it means my friends are back!

Sure, that might sound weird to say about people who you’ve never met in person and only occasionally speak to in passing on Twitter or Instagram, but I spend about 4 hours a week listening (and sometimes responding) to these guys.

On July 16th, Myke announced that he would be leaving 5by5 to start a new journey in which he would be stopping his current shows. I’ll admit, I may have had a small panic attack. This meant that CMD+Space, The Prompt and The Pen Addict were all going away. Three of my favorite shows! We’ll that worry was quickly put aside when Myke said that the shows would be getting a reboot. Now, fast forward four weeks and I’m a happy camper.

broadcast_thumbnail_penaddict_artworkFirst off, The Pen Addict with Mr. Brad Dowdy and Myke stuck around, but got some spiffy new intro music. To be honest, it didn’t feel like they missed a beat. You just have to be careful because these two will put a serious dent in your wallet. After just the first episode on the new Relay FM, they’ve got me eyeing the new Nexus Minimal Fountain Pen by namisu on Kickstarter. Jerks!

broadcast_thumbnail_connected_artworkThe Prompt is now Connected. This show is hosted by Stephen, Myke, & Federico Viticci and focuses on Apple and the impact of technology on our lives. The show is full of accents and opinions that are guaranteed to keep you entertained. Not to mention we’re about due for another photo management show so stay tuned.  All kidding aside, these three guys put together an amazing show that I look forward to every week.

broadcast_thumbnail_inquisitive_artworkOne of my all-time favorite shows was CMD+Space, an interview show where Myke speaks with some of the most creative people around the world. The show has been relaunched as Inquisitive and still starts with my favorite question. The first guest is none other than Marco Arment, the creator of many things including Overcast which is an amazing podcast app.

broadcast_thumbnail_virtual_artworkThough I’m not really into video games it’s cool to see that Myke and Federico kept Directional going. Now called Virtual, the two talk about games, gamers, game makers and the surrounding culture.

broadcast_thumbnail_analogue_artworkRelay FM also launched a new show titled Analog(ue). In this show Casey Liss and Myke discuss how the digital devices me love so much make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse. I’m really excited about this show. Along with being a co-host of the Accidental Tech Podcast, Casey has been a guest on many of my favorite podcasts including a couple of appearances on CMD+Space. Myke and Casey have an awesome cadence and I can’t wait to see how their show grows.

As part of the reboot all of the shows got a facelift with some new artwork. I wanted to give a shout out to Frank Towers for an awesome job on all the branding for Relay FM and the shows. Killer work!

I can’t wait to see what Myke, Stephen and everyone at Relay FM come up with over the next few years.

Welcome home my friends!

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