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The Way Out West

The Way Out West

Well… Technically I took this picture facing north, but I was still further west than St. Louis.  I just got back from Woodward, OK were my family gathers every year for the week of Thanksgiving.  Minus the drive, it was a really nice break from the day-to-day routine at home.  It was great to see family and get to catch up with everyone.  It was also my aunt and uncles first time to see Viv.

This picture is taken about 5 miles north of our property. (we say property cause it’s in the sticks)  This windmills are so big that we can actually see them from the house.  There are about 50 of these on the windmill farm.  Just west of town there is another windmill farm that has another 50 or so.  Not to go all tree hugger on you, but it’s nice to see Oklahoma capturing that wind that comes sweeping down the plains.

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